What are the key measurements and rules to add a pool table to our bonus room?

What are the key measurements and rules to add a pool table to our bonus room?

Pool tables are available in several sizes, and the most common ones are designated as 9, 8 and 7-foot. The actual dimensions are as follows:

  • 9-ft.: 5’2” in. x 9’4’’ in.
  • 8-ft.: 4’8” in. x 8”4’ in.
  • 7-ft.: 4’2” in. x 7”4’ in.

All tables are 30 in. high and need a clear space above the table of at least 30 in. from hanging light fixtures. You will need at least 5 ft. clear around the table and next to walls with an addition of 2 ft. or more when placed next to other furnishings such as another game table. Considering the overall size of the pool table and the area required to function, you may need as much as 300 square feet dedicated to it.

The floor must be level, and it will need to support as much as 3,000 pounds, the weight of a traditional wooden pool table. Provide diffused lighting with a rating of 375 lumens on the playing surface, which is about three 150-watt incandescent bulbs. Sharp shadows and fluorescent lighting should be avoided.

Cues are about four to six feet long, and the rack is about a twelve-oinch triangle. Have a location to store these conveniently within or near the table.

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