What is the energy code in Fayetteville and why is it higher than other cities?

A:   The energy code is what our governing bodies use to enforce energy consumption regulations. It has now been 2 years since Ordinance No. 5512 was passed to increase the energy code of Fayetteville from the 2003 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC)to the 2009 IECC version. Below is a comparison of the different codes and the main changes from 2003 to 2009 IECC.


There was a Residential Building Code Task Force (which I was a part of) who performed an analysis comparing the same 1,824 sq. ft. home constructed under both the 2003 IECC and the 2009 IECC and modeled with either gas or electric heat. The resulting analysis estimated an annual energy cost savings of $267 for the gas home and $344 for the electric home. The additional cost for building to the higher efficiency standards of the 2009 IECC was $2,049, or amortized over a 30 year loan, $132 annually. This represents a net average annual energy savings for the home built to 2009 IECC standards of $135 for the gas heated home and $209 for the electric heated home.

Based on the analysis performed calculating the cost of implementing the new energy code with the energy savings a homeowner could realize, the City adopted the 2009 IECC with the additional requirement for a Home Energy Rating (HERS) for all new residential construction. The HERS would provide a common denominator for all homebuilders and contractors to measure performance and will ensure that the construction techniques for all of these systems are sound.

Wirtten by: Jacob Tankersley

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